Medical Services

In addition to General Medical Consultations, the following medical services are available at Nicholson Road Medical Group
  • Iron Infusion (IV Iron Therapy) Clinic
  • IUD (Mirena) Insertion and Removal
  • Psychologic Counselling
  • Specialist Psychiatric Consult
  • Dietitian Service

Medical Services

Your Health is Our Commitment 

Nicholson Road Medical Group provides effective, high quality, continuing general medical care for the individual and family. It is a fully bulk-billed GP practice for medicare card and DVA cardholders for general medical consultations. 

Our GPs and practice nurse are dedicated to the best possible health care of our patients. We also have onsite pathology to save your valuable time.
The following medical services are available at Nicholson Road Medical Group, but not limited to 

  • Preventive Health and Health Check
  • Children and Adolescent health
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Immunisations
  • Skin Health
  • Travel Medicine
  • Women’s Health and Pregnancy care
  • IUD (Mirena) Insertion and Removal
  • Weight Management
  • Psychological Health
  • Corporate Medical Services
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  1. Preventive Health
    Nicholson Road Medical Group can offer you a wide ranges of preventive health and health check.
    Nicholson Road Medical Group can offer you a comprehensive preventive measures which may involve, - Life style advice and management - Smoking cessation - Nutritional advise and weight management - Alcohol consumption and dependency management - Referral to allied health workers if necessary
  2. Children and Adolescent Health
    All our GP’s are confident in managing the wide variety of medical problems, which children can present with.
    We provide acute and ongoing medical care for children and are also well connected to various local specialists, private and public hospitals for more advanced and specialist management if required. We offer many specialized child health services including: - Common childhood infections management - Childhood immunisations - Management of childhood medical condition - Management of adolescent medical conditions
  3. Chronic Disease Management
    Chronic diseases are really stressful conditions not only for the patient but also for the carers and family, especially if the condition is not controlled.
    If you have a chronic medical condition, you may require a care plan to provide best optimal care. The chronic medical conditions which can be effectively managed at Nicholson Road Medical Group include - Diabetes Mellitus - Hypertension - Osteoarthritis - Chronic heart failure - Chronic kidney failure
  4. Immunisations
    Prevention is better than cure.
    In line with national immunisation guidelines, Nicholson Road Medical Group offers immunisation services such as - Routine childhood immunisation - Traveler’s immunisations - Annual influenza immunisation - Immunisations for special group of people such as patients with chronic medical condition, splenectomy patients, chronic renal failure, etc., - Corporate immunisations
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Call 94561900 or Book Online
  1. Skin Health
    RACGP recommended that - all people should adopt protective measures which include use of shade; broad-brimmed hats; protective clothing; sunglasses; and sun protection factor (SPF) 30+ sunscreens.
    Nicholson Road Medical Group can offer you a variety of skin health care including - Skin check - Biopsy for suspected skin lesions - Removal of skin lesions (minor procedure) - Referral for complex skin conditions - Diagnosis and treatment of non-cancer skin lesion (e.g. eczema, dermatitis)
  2. Travel Medicine
    If you are planning a trip and would like to have vaccinations prior to your trip, or would like to know about ‘Dos and Don’ts’ during your stay, or if you have any health concern after your journey, we can help you.
    Our medical practitioners can offer you - Pre-departure counselling - Traveler's vaccinations custom-made to your destination - Malaria prophylaxis - Post-travelling health (eg: traveller's diarrhoea)
  3. Men's Health
    Nicholson Road Medical Group offers a wide range of medical care focusing on men's health.
    Our doctors have competent knowledge in men's health issues and some of them have special interest in men's health. If you are concerned about your sexual health, prostate health or infertility, we sure can help you.
  4. Women's Health and Pregnancy
    Our doctors have the most up to date knowledge and special interest regarding issues associated with women’s health.
    We provide women’s health and pregnancy related care including - Pre-pregnancy consultation - Antenatal care and shared care - Postnatal care including breast feeding related problems. - Family planning and contraceptives advice - Insertion and removal of Implanon, and - Insertion and removal of IUD (Mirena) - Cervical Cancer Screening
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Call 94561900 or Book Online
  1. Weight Management
    If you are concerned about your weight, eating habit or too busy to do exercises, we can give you advice to help managed your weight.
    Nicholson Road Medical Group can offer, a variety of weight management options including - Dietary advice - Medications - Referral to a dietitian - Referral to an exercise physiotherapy - Regular monitoring - Referral for surgical options if necessary
  2. Mental Health
    Doctors from Nicholson Road Medical Group are very supportive in dealing with mental health issues and some of them have special interests in Depression and Anxiety.
    If you have been experiencing depression or anxiety related problems, we can help you by - Organising a mental health care plan - Mental health education - Referral to a psychologist (We have a Psychologist onsite) - Prescribing medications - Specialist psychiatric referral for more complex issues (We have a Psychiatrist onsite)
  3. Corporate Health Services
    If you are seeking for pre-employment medical or work related injury consultation for yourself or your employee, we sure can help you.
    Nicholson Road Medical Group offers a variety of corporate medical services which can be tailored to fit your requirements. Services include: - Pre-employment medical - Driver license medical (Commercial and Private) - Injury management (Worker’s compensation) - Fitness for work - Corporate immunisations - Lungs function test (Spirometery) and ECG - Skin cancer screening
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Iron Infusion Clinic

Iron Infusion Clinic

IV Iron therapy clinic is run by Dr May Ann Wong at Nicholson Road Medical Group. Dr Wong accepts referrals for assessment and management of patients with iron deficiency who potentially required IV Iron Therapy. 
Please be aware that the patient is required to see Dr Wong first, to assess the suitability of IV Iron Therapy. 

Dr May Ann Wong

Dr Wong is a female GP with special interest in general medicine, children's health, women's health, chronic disease management, worker's compensation and mental health care.
Dr Wong runs Iron Infusion Clinic in Nicholson Road Medical Group.

Causes iron deficiency
There are three main causes of iron deficiency.
  • not eating enough iron-rich foods
  • trouble absorbing iron
  • blood loss

If you have iron deficiency, it’s important to know the cause so you can get the right treatment. 

Not eating enough iron-rich foods
Red meat is the best source of iron, although you can also get some iron from other meats. Some plant foods also contain iron; some vegetables and pulses have more iron than others.
The people who need most iron are children, teenagers (especially girls), females of menstruating age, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Trouble absorbing iron
Iron in food is absorbed through your stomach and bowel. Some health conditions affect how much iron you absorb, such as
  • Coeliac disease.
  • If you’ve had stomach surgery

Blood loss
If you lose blood through any sort of bleeding, this means you lose iron too.
The main causes of excess blood loss are
Heavy menstrual periods
bleeding in the stomach or bowel – this may be from medicines such as aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines, ulcers, bowel polyps or cancer.
Other causes can include giving blood too regularly, losing blood due to surgery, some gut conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, and infection with parasites such as hookworms.

For Iron Infusion Clinic appointment,
please call
08 9456 1900.
Patients are normally seen by Dr Wong first,
then make another appointment for IV Iron Therapy if necessary.​​

IUD (Mirena) Insertion and Removal

IUD (Mirena) Insertion and Removal

IUD clinic is run by Dr Subashini at Nicholson Road Medical Group. 
Please be aware that the patient is required to see Dr SUbashini first, for assessment, counselling the suitability of IUD (Mirena) contraception. 

Dr Subashini Valayutham
Diploma in Child Health (DCH)

Dr Valayutham is a female GP with special interest in children's health, women's health and chronic disease management. 
Dr Valayutham runs IUD Insertion Clinic in Nicholson Road Medical Group. 
Dr Valayutham also does Implanon insertion and removal. 

Mirena Patient Information PDF